in february of 2017, simone re-discovered a long dormant love of writing and poetry.

since then, she has been writing non-stop, and has independently published two collections of poetry: square one and a new heart . if you are interested in supporting her work, both collections are available for purchase. please use the contact page or email alenesimone@gmail.com to get in touch. you can also follow her work on instagram @s_a_poetry

please enjoy a preview of some of her favorite poems here!


it's okay to let your soul be too heavy

you don't have to do anything but hold it

you do not have to smile

you do not have to summon strength for the sake of others

your only job is to breathe and be gentle to your aching heart



the sky and i woke up feeling a little too heavy this morning

so we talked,

and agreed to handle it the same way

the sky and i agreed that sometimes all you need is to turn the heaviness to little drops and let them fall



someday i will give every poem i ever wrote about you

back to you

because i will no longer need them



he said something about a spark and my lack of one

so i set myself on fire in the hopes of being bright enough for him to see

i let myself burn to ashes trying to keep him warm

forget it

let him freeze


© 2019 simone alene

last updated 4/1/19