born and raised in seattle, and educated in philadelphia, simone considers herself to have a healthy mix of west coast kindness and east coast sass. for as long as she can remember, art and music have been an integral part of her life, and have evolved from a hobby, to a deeply rooted passion, to a lifelong career. simone combines this passion and love for the craft with her tenacious work ethic in order to inspire human connection and understanding through her art.

simone is also an avid traveller, finding peace and clarity when venturing out on her own. she has come to view the world through a lens of tolerance and acceptance, and her strong global perspective deeply informs her work as an artist. simone thrives in an environment where taking risks is encouraged, failure in celebrated, and jumping in before you're ready is expected.

as an artist, simone's ongoing mission is to break down the barriers that separate us, and foster intimate connections with others (both on and off the stage) through vulnerability, honesty, and collaboration.

© 2019 simone alene

last updated 4/1/19